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About 40 Years, 40 Families

El Dorado Furniture celebrated its 40th anniversary with 40 Years, 40 Families, an unprecedented community relations effort to show its appreciation to the South Florida community. With the help of Neighbors 4 Neighbors and its media partners, 40 Years, 40 Families identified 40 needy South Florida families and provided them with new home furnishings. The program took place over 40 weeks in 2007 and brought El Dorado Furniture even closer to our community.

Irene Garcia.
Irene has six children, one of which was injured at age nine in a car accident.  She will furnish her home with new beds for all. 
Jannel Alequin.
Jannel has two beautiful daughters who want to sleep in the same room: they wished for bunk beds. 
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