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How It All Began...

The beginnings of El Dorado Furniture, a three-generation-old business, dates back to the 1920's in Cuba. Manuel Capó's father, Simon, traded farm products for used furniture that he restored and would later sell. Simon eventually grew this small business into a chain of five furniture stores named Casa Capó. By 1950, Casa Capó was one of Cuba's largest furniture manufacturing and retail enterprises. Once Fidel Castro came to power, Simon’s stores were taken away from him. Feeling his family was no longer safe living in Cuba, Manuel Capo made a decision that would completely change his life and that of his family. In 1966, he and two of his sons, Carlos and Luis, fled Cuba in a small sailboat christened El Dorado. They arrived in Mexico and made their way to the United States, obtaining political refugee status. Once in the U.S., father and sons returned to what they knew best: they started their own furniture manufacturing business. The store they opened on June 27, 1967, was named after the boat that freed the Capós from Cuba, El Dorado.

Growing In South Florida

From our humble first store opened in Miami’s Little Havana to the current headquarters and main warehouse located in Miami Gardens; El Dorado Furniture continues to grow in South Florida. To better serve our customers. El Dorado is scheduled to open more stores throughout South Florida.

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